She has made Southern California her home since 1986 when she left a position as managing editor/producer with RTL/CLT in Luxemburg, where she worked for the German, French and English radio and television broadcaster.


Taking full advantage of the Hollywood philosophy that you can be whatever you want to be, she has worked in many different positions and functions since “getting off the airplane” in the United States. Most of her media work has been executed in the field of print and television.

Her endeavors in print media encompassed 16 years as journalist/correspondent for the German publishing house Heinrich Bauer, researching, producing, interviewing and writing hundreds of print stories about show business, human interest articles and- her favorite – features about biology, environment and wildlife. Her database includes over 2500 media contacts. She was also negotiating business deals on behalf of Bauer Publishing with American business partners as well as assisting American contacts in their dealings with Germany.

Since the early 90ties she has worked with the German news organization Spiegel Television as a reporter, correspondent and producer. Her segments as a correspondent/author included the ratings winner “Behind The Dolphin Smile”, filmed in the Florida Keys, the Genesis Commendation winning “Orcas – Der Wal Corki”, filmed in British Columbia and California, the ground-breaking “Hands Across Watts –Life and Death With The Crips Gang” and many segments chronicling American issues and news events, from the Los Angeles riots, where she was the only European correspondent who worked on the ground in the thick of the action, to executions at San Quentin, floods on the Mississippi River, earthquakes, deadly violence along the US-Mexican border and interviews with families affected by the Iraq war.

Her favorite project as a director was the 1995/96 full-length documentary “Tales of Adventure in Honduras”, filmed for Spiegel TV in the remotest areas of the Mosquitia jungle in Honduras as well as the outer lying Bay Islands. The film follows the travails and adventures of treasure hunter and pirate “Captain” Steve Morgan and his crew of local characters.

Her longest project as a producer was filmed during the late 90ties: “Pan-Americana” is a documentary series. The camera crew traveled from Alaska to Fire-Land along the famous Highway One, from the Northern most reaches of the Pacific to the Southern tip of the Americas. Marion produced the Continental US series in this 3-year-long project.

Furthermore she took on the German film production company Raphaela Film GmbH and director Eckhart Schmidt as a client in 1997. Since then Marion has served as producer, interviewer and assistant director on countless full-length documentary features filmed in California and Nevada while continuing her work with her other clients. 

After 15 years of being in the thick of all the news events, meeting and interviewing everybody from Bill Gates to Mel Gibson, Maxine Waters to Whitney Houston, death row inmate Dave Mason to physicist Ed Teller, Marion decided that it was time to look for new challenges that would still make use of her education, her skills and her experience.

A working relationship with the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board that started in 1997 expanded into many international assignments for inbound incentive houses and tour operators as project manager, instructor, guide and tour director of global incentive and reward travel and business programs.

Her favorite project to date: tour managing a Swiss accordion orchestra and yodeling choir on their 2017 tour through Texas and Oklahoma.

Furthermore Marion has been the public relations and marketing person for Los Angeles based and globally working event production company EventWorks, Inc.. since late 2008. She loves to turn public relations into real stories. 

Her award submission work on behalf of EventWorks and other entertainment production companies has resulted in a number of nominations and wins! 


German-born, French-educated, US-residing, having lived in five countries, holding two passports and jumping from one language and culture to another comfortably in English, French, German and Spanish, Marion Renk-Rosenthal is truly born and educated to work in an international global business setting.

©Marion Renk-Rosenthal.

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