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  • Marion Renk-Rosenthal

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrott! What is Wrong With Our New Administration?!

Just 72 hours into our new American, democratically elected administration, our heads are spinning! The never-ceasing bad headlines and nearly unbelievable news alerts are neither a bad movie, nor a funny SNL skid. This, dear colleagues, is real life! The world is watching! This can have dire consequences!

It seems almost unbelievable that so much bad news can pile up in such a short time.

Let's recap quickly:

Friday: Inauguration. The National Mall camera took overview photos of the area, as always. The Mall, after a very contentious election, was noticeably less crowded than in 2008, when President Obama was sworn in.

Saturday AM: Press Secretary Sean Spicer arrives for his very first press conference at the White House - and immediately attacks the press for "lying" about the size of the crowds. President Trump, in his own words, claims that the crowds were the largest ever. fact: Ronald Reagan still is the top dog in the attendance department.

President Trump, meanwhile, visits the CIA and claims , that the nasty media are to blame for creating the story of his rift with the Intelligence community.

Hmm, there is the slight problem of the "Nazi Germany" tweet from @therealDonaldTrump and his on-camera statements, putting this love declaration under a cloud of doubt.

Sunday AM: Advisor Kellyanne Conway visits all the Sunday morning shows and tells Chris Matthews on Meet The Press that they have "alternative facts" to counter the obvious reports on inauguration attendance. Kellyanne Conway also announces that President Trump will NOT release his secret tax returns as formerly promised, after taking office.

In response, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) announced Sunday night it is bringing a suit “to stop President Trump from violating the Constitution by illegally receiving payments from foreign governments.”

Also in response, WikiLeaks tweeted, asking anyone to send them the tax records. They will publish.

All of this beckons the question: What The F... are they thinking?

This is the U.S. Government, the Office of the President! Not a Reality TV Show. Ratings and viewership do not matter. Sending the Press Secretary out to deliver such obvious falsehoods on such trivial subject matter to the media leads to distrust and opens the brand new administration up to ridicule and attack.

Can we please get back to the business of governing the country - and most of all: UNIFY OUR COUNTRY!

We cannot move forward as a nation in a positive direction without a sense of shared destiny and a willingness to get along.

How can we get there? By following synergy expert Chris Alexander's advice!

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