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  • Marion Renk-Rosenthal

Deadline May 25: Are You Ready to Comply with EU's GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION?

Image: Goldmine CRM

This Friday, May 25, 2018, the European Union's new GDPR will take full effect.

If you have any business relationship with citizens or residents of the European Union you need to pay attention.

It affects every aspect of customer and client data collection, usage and storage, including your marketing efforts, email marketing campaigns and even work related WhatsApp groups or collection of emails to send Square receipts, write passengers manifests, rooming lists and more. Fines for violations will be severe. A lower level violation can result in a fine totaling - please take a seat - $13,433,000.00 or - whichever is higher - 2 percent of the violator's annual revenue, that is income before expenses. Fines go up from there depending on severity.

Whether you plan international conferences, register participants or collect traveler dataor simply use an email client and social media to reach your European contacts, I have found several useful links that will give you access to all the information you need to know.

Information for MAILCHIMP users.

Information for CONSTANT CONTACT users.

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