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Congratulations to Oliver Scholl for Being Honored With The Inaugural "Imaginator Award"

Good News: production designer Oliver Scholl is happy to announce that he has been honored with the first ever “Imaginator Award For Wondrous Achievement In Visual Conceptualization” by California State University, Los Angeles at the closure of Eagle-Con on March 9, 2019. “Unfortunately I could not be personally present at this wonderful event as I am working on location at this time. My wife, architect Jennifer Jardine Scholl, attended and accepted this honor on my behalf. I am grateful that the organizers allowed me to participate as a panel presenter via Skype on Saturday afternoon, preceding the award ceremony. I am very proud that my work has been recognized by my peers and colleagues. It goes without saying that I share this honor with my amazing art department team. It is a true honor to have been selected as first recipient.”

The official Eagle-Con Release: This year Eagle-Con proudly adds a new award celebrating the achievements of the people in the art department of the entertainment industry. The Imaginator Award is for wondrous achievement in visual conceptualization. It is awarded based on the recipient’s body of work and relevance to the theme. Oliver Scholl’s illustrations for shows such as Earth 2 and A. I.—as well as his production design for films such as Suicide Squad, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom—have made outstanding contributions to worlds and characters that show the power and beauty of a vast array of fantastic bodies.

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