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  • Marion Renk-Rosenthal

Flashback: Commendation Winning "Killerwaldame Corky" -Reportage for Spiegel TV.

A few days ago, news reported the death of Sea World's famous, long suffering Orca Tilikum, made famous by the 2012 documentary "Blackfish". It reminded me of Corky!

German broadcaster Spiegel TV allowed me back in 1993 to visit Dr. Paul Spong at Orca Lab in British Columbia, Canada, as well as Corky at Sea World San Diego. Dr. Spong has fought for decades to have Corky returned to her family pod in British Columbia. So far without success. Corky still lives in captivity in San Diego. She is the longest living orca in captivity.

Spiegel TV posted the reportage to YouTube.

Stefan Aust and Marion Renk-(Richardson)Rosenthal were honored with a 1994 Brigitte-Bardot-International Award Commendation from the Ark Trust Fund for this TV film.

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